Reasons why you should give a try to Django once in your lifetime

Reasons why you should give a try to Django once in your lifetime

Why you must use Django for your next project?

Django, a great framework for Professionals with deadlines.

Let me reintroduce to you the most loved Python framework of all time, Django. 👇

  • Django is designed to build web applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible.

  • Unlike other frameworks, it is completely opinionated. Though you are allowed to write in your own way, but Django provides tons of guidelines on how to write a perfect web application.

  • Django is a Full Stack framework, which means not just backend can be built easily, but frontend as well with the help of super cool DTL (Django Templating Language).

  • Django comes with built-in ORM, So you don't need to write SQL queries. Write database queries in your beloved Python language and Django will perform the all the SQL operations for you.

  • Everyone knows how amazing Django admin is in terms of features, all CRUD operations are covered, along with that Django admin also comes with the Permissions and Authentication, Actions, Log entries etc. Infact if you don't like the the Django's default admin theme, you can easily customise it with third party themes such as Django Jazzmin or Django Jet.

  • Django has covered each aspect of security be it password validation, encryption, XSS attack, SQL injection, CSRF, click jacking, Authorization and what not.

  • Scaling is a piece of cake in Django, Django works on "shared-nothing" architecture. Which means it can easily take advantage of new hardware, you can scale it horizontally or vertically as per your needs. Here is the full guide: A simple guide on scaling and optimizing a Django application to the moon.

  • Final Conclusion, Many top websites in the world using django, one of them is Instagram. Django provides you everything to build your web applications quickly and feature rich without any hassle.

Dear Django - "तारीफ करूं क्या उसकी जिसने तुम्हे बनाया" (Reference of a Hindi song)

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