How to customize & redesign the Django Admin panel?

How to customize & redesign the Django Admin panel?

Look at you gorgeous beauty, 😘 Django

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This is how our good old default Django Admin Panel looks like:


Ewww, not that great, could have been better Django darling. But no worries, we have got many Open Source 3rd party libraries which can turn our Admin Panel into something like this:



  • For this blog, we will be using django-jazzmin a third party Open Source library. Let’s install it first:
pip install django-jazzmin
  • It's time to add it in our Django’s installed apps list in file. Keep in mind that to let django-jazzmin override your admin templates correctly, we have to put it at the top of the installed apps list.

    # ...

That's it, go and check out your Django Admin panel now, you will see a beautiful look with many customizations.

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