Why Indian government websites are not well designed?

Why Indian government websites are not well designed?

Why do Indian / State government websites look so bad?

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The Indian government is working so hard to make India a digital economy, there used to be a time when websites were slow, buggy and sluggish, but these days things have changed. Not all websites have a bad design, but yes sometimes the UX is very poor.

We'll see some of the reasons in this blog.

  1. The Indian Government has a Guidelines Manual they call Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW) for designing any Government official website. Which was not updated for years but recently in 2019 its second edition was released.

  2. Government websites are not meant for making business, but their purpose is to serve billions of users, where even a disabled person can use the website without any hurdles. So no competition, no innovation.

  3. They focus on a building functional website, which can be accessed even in slow internet areas such as villages, and having a great website means more CSS and JS which they avoid.

  4. Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW) manual puts so many restrictions to make a functional website, which results in no fresh and out-of-the-box design ideas from Developers/Designers.

  5. The last reason for their bad design is that only a few top-level people decide on the design system and no feedback for such UI/UX from citizens, the actual users.

So here are a few reasons, there can be more of them, but in the end, things are changing and websites are working on better technologies.

Any thoughts? Write it down in the comments.

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