10 Things I Wish I’d Learned Earlier as a Software Developer

10 Things I Wish I’d Learned Earlier as a Software Developer

10 Things I Wish I Learned Earlier as a Software Developer

  1. Don't try to be a super programmer, nobody expects you to be doing super complicated things in just a few minutes. So stop over-committing your tasks, and analyze the tasks practically by breaking them down into smaller problems.

  2. Searching things on Google is not wrong at all, until or unless you are just copying and pasting the code snippets without understanding a single line. First, try to understand the solution which you have found in your research and then implement it.

  3. If you are worried about something in your job, or not feeling about your tasks, then discuss it with your manager. Your manager/boss can't read your mind, so speak out if you have something in your mind. Most of the time the manager/boss is understanding, and they will help you figure out a solution for your problem.

  4. Seniors are there to help you when needed, I repeat, only "When needed". If you are asking all the things from your senior without even putting in your own effort, then you are doing it wrong with yourself and your senior as well. You will not grow as a Developer if you do not put in your effort, and you will become habitual in asking for help from your seniors, on the other hand, you are just disturbing your seniors by asking too frequently, it affects their productivity, so ask for help only after putting in your efforts.

  5. Things could go wrong in programming, it is a creative and logical thinking process, people miss deadlines, and there is not too much to stress about, just keep your manager/seniors posted on the latest so that they can help you out if needed and figure out an alternative solution if required, but don't let them in darkness.

  6. In Software development, solving a problem is a priority than solving it efficiently. So first your focus should be on just writing a basic solution to that problem and once you are done with a basic solution, you can iterate and come up with a better solution, so first solve the problem, then optimize it.

  7. If you are solving a problem, then your goal should be to write reusable solutions so that the software can be maintainable in the future, and it will eventually make you a great developer.

  8. Teamwork is a crucial part of any organization, if you are working in a team with a fellow developer, and they are helpful, always give credit to your fellow programmers if they have helped you in any way.

  9. If you are in a meeting, or a discussion with your team, then build a habit of taking notes for a minute of the meeting (MOM), It would include the key points discussed, the participants involved, the resolution arrived at etc., transfer the burden of remembering things from your mind to a paper or an app, there are so many tools available these days.

  10. Becoming frustrated is completely normal as a Software developer, the solution you are thinking of for a coding problem doesn't have to always gonna work, there will be errors, bugs and issues. The only thing you can do is keep learning and keep improving your skills, sooner things will get better for you.

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