Why you should use NextJS instead of just React (Create React App)?

Why you should use NextJS instead of just React (Create React App)?

NextJS is a better than Create React App if you need SEO.

Here are few reasons that you have to read right now.

  • Automatic code splitting, NextJS is really smart when you build your project, it knows which JS/CSS code to be sent when any request come for any page. No unnecessary junk.

  • Image optimization, NextJS has a really cool feature where it can optimise the images for upcoming client requests based on the device, screen size it is coming from.

  • File based routine, unlike React where you have to use React Router to handle multiple routes, NextJS depends on your file/directory structure to show multiple paths. Not a single line of code needed to create/handle a route.

  • SEO friendly, When it comes to site crawling by search engines, React is our enemy. But with NextJS, we have something called Server Side Rendering, which simply means your HTML will be generated on server side unlike React, where whole vDOM gets generated in browser. So SEO bots such as Google bot can easily read your page to rank in search with NextJS.

  • Everything from React but added steroids for more power, Yes you are free to write everything you were doing in React, NextJS just provides tons of features on top of React to make developers life easy peasy.

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