5+ Reasons Why Programmers Should Learn Vim once in life?

5+ Reasons Why Programmers Should Learn Vim once in life?

Vim is beautiful, once you start using it, there is no coming back.


Vim is a highly configurable, Open Source, Text Editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficient. It is included as "vi" with most UNIX systems like Linux and macOS.

Advantages of Vim:

Edit text at the Speed of thought:

Vim lets you write as you thought with the help of keybindings, and trust me, you will never leave it when you will learn the keybindings.

Vim also supports Macros, which simply means you can record your edit actions and re-perform them.

Save your System's Memory:

Vim is a ridiculously lightweight text editor. In my Arch Linux with 16 GB ram, it uses only 30-60 MB of RAM, having 4-5 Plugins, and yes trust me because I am single and a single man never lies.

Magnificent Performance:

Vim can get you from line no. 1 to line no. 10000 in milliseconds, almost no time, On top of that, it lets you modify thousands of lines simultaneously in a matter of seconds, On top of that, it does not need high performance CPU to do all this.

You can use Vim in your 20 years old machine running on Linux.

Plethora of Plugins:

You heard it right, Vim is a basic text editor with so much power in hand. But It has a collection of more than 19K plugins listed on Vim Awesome, all Open Source.

Check it out here - https://vimawesome.com/

I love Vim Registers:

You can think of registers as a bunch of spaces in memory that Vim uses to store some text. Each of these spaces have an identifier, so it can be easily accessed later. It’s no different from when you copy some text to your clipboard, except that you usually have just one clipboard to copy into, while Vim allows you to have multiple such clipboards to store different texts.

Highly Configurable:

You can define your own keybindings in Vim, and it also supports custom scripts and plugins.

Vim Saves Time:

As you saw in one of the above points, using hundreds of shortcuts you can do anything (literally anything) with your text.


If Vim is that powerful, you might be wondering, Why doesn't everyone using it ?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, It's freakin tough to learn Vim, so tough that **I can bet you will not be even able to exit out of the Vim, if you are using it for the first** time.

But Vim is totally worth learning, as it is tough to learn those keybindings and shortcuts, but once you get in the hang of it, there is no turning back.

If you want to learn Vim right now, you can learn it with the help of this online game, https://vim-adventures.com/


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